September is Literacy Month

Literacy day

Reading is the key focus at OIC; students are encouraged to read books that interest them. We believe that reading is an investment rather than a one-time transaction. Reading is a critical component of learning and navigating messages that we see on a daily basis.

Reading helps learners make connections, exchange information, seek careers, and fosters a love for learning. Lifelong learning is now recognized by educators, employers, and the general public as one of the most important competencies a person can possess. Lifelong learning requires us to embrace opportunities to learn.

At OIC we strive to help others help themselves; students are required to take responsibility for their own learning outcomes. Our brains are malleable, we’re not stuck with the brain we got! Our brains are flexible and at the OIC we recognize that our brains grow stronger when we work together.

OIC’s Adult Basic Education classes include Brain Train programs. Brain Train helps students develop a growth versus a fixed learning mindset. OIC’s programming like Brain Train Academy helps learners view challenges as growth opportunities.

Brain Train Academy teaches learners how they learn and it helps to identify an individuals unique learning style. Brain Train Academy also helps learners recognize how to grow their brains, with the use of games, puzzles, and memory tools learners learn how to get the information and knowledge they need to get to the next step.

OIC students learn to be competent effective learners and how to design attainable goals,  like passing the GED or HiSET exam for example. 

tree of knowledgeThe OIC helps to broaden student’s perspectives through emersion programming. OIC invites community organizations and experts to regularly speak with students on current topics like; health literacy, community resources, and careers. Students at OIC step out of the classroom and into the world to get real-world experience. By volunteering in the community Learners are able to try new things, keep their brains sharp, and learn new skills.

OIC Students are encouraged to strengthen and develop new skills, then take that knowledge and teach those new skills to their families.  

Joining OIC’s book club is an awesome way to learn, read, and grow. OIC Learners involved in the book club are encouraged to read with their families. This summer OIC students toured both the Down Town library and Capitol Hill branch to learn more about all the resources that the library offers.

OIC students bring it! bring it on

Learners are encouraged to share experiences through writing poetry and bring it all into the classroom. Students are encouraged to share, grow and build a knowledge community. They are also encouraged to take on a growth mindset of a lifetime learner.

OIC’s classrooms are active social environments, which help students learn to work together and communicate. OIC Students are encouraged to recognize their growth, both failures and success stories.

OIC students are individuals that #LearnTogether! Because we are #StrongerTogether!