Do you want to give back to your community?

Feel the need to share something you are passionate about?

How about making a difference in the life of someone?  Well, we can use you are at OIC!

OIC Volunteers

OIC Volunteers are a crucial part of what we do – helping adult learners discover learning potential.  Our volunteers give their time, share their stories, successes and challenges.  We cannot do our work without the support of tutors!

Suzanne, a long-time reading volunteer tutor says:

“Helping someone who has been hiding their shame and embarrassment at not being able to read is . . . a joy.  It's like opening prison doors.  Seeing lights of understanding go on is worth every bit of my time.” - Suzanne Parker, an OIC reading tutor since 2012.

What Can I Do?

OIC offers opportunities to help in a variety of areas, whether short-term and long-term.  Here are just a few you may help:

OIC volunteers hours are flexible, if you only want to volunteer an hour a week or 3 hours a month, we will put you to work.  Not sure where you want to help?  Check our Programs. Still not sure? Fill out the form below or call 405.235.2651