Meet the Team

The OIC of Oklahoma County staff is a talented and diverse group of individuals.  Our staff dedication can be seen from their years of service ranging from 1-30 years.


DesJean Jones
Executive Director

Victoria Dixon
Operations Manager/TANF Coordinator

Claire Echols
Data Entry Management

LaTasha Featherstone
Business Academy Program Coordinator

Loretta Payne Hammock
Manager, Student Engagement

April Johnston

Blair Lanning
Manager, Outreach and Recruitment

Aleshia Moore
Marketing Coordinator

Glenda Parrish
Transitions Advisor

Vivian Tyson
Project Exit Director

Rita Walker
Administrative Assistant / Receptionist


Christopher Myers
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Nannette Allen
Computer Instructor

Jackie Aniebok
TANF-GED Instructor

Tina Aniebok

Daniel de Lemos
Ell Instructor

Ashley Dirks
ESL Instructor

Elaine Ford
TANF-GED Instructor

Arthur Houston
TANF-GED Instructor

Roger Lacy
TANF-GED Instructor

Enrique (Henry) Ortiz
ESL /JUMP Academy Instructor

Niria Pacheco
Teaching Assistant

Mark Ryan
Academic Registrar/Online Systems Administrator

Kathy Young
Online Instructor

Tom Ziebell
Social Studies


Tosha Echols
Employment Specialist

Tiwanda Johnson
Program Manager

Janie Tuttle
Case Manager


Deeann Crook
AmeriCorps / Program Assistant

UCO - EOC Cares

Jimmy Fisk
College Transition Coach

William McKenney
College Transition Advisor