Meet the Team

The OIC of Oklahoma County staff is a talented and diverse group of individuals.  Our staff dedication can be seen from their years of service ranging from 1-30 years.


DesJean Jones
Executive Director

Victoria Dixon
Operations Manager/TANF Coordinator

Deeann Crook
Program Assistant

Claire Echols
Student Advocate

Loretta Payne Hammock
Manager, Student Engagement


April Johnston

Glenda Parrish
Intake Advisor/Student Advocate

Vivian Tyson
Manager, Project Exit Director

Rita Walker
Administrative Assistant / Receptionist


Enrique (Henry) Ortiz
ESL /JUMP Academy Instructor

Christopher Myers
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Nannette Allen
Computer Instructor

Tina Aniebok
ABE/GED Instructor

Daniel de Lemos
ELL Instructor

Elaine Ford
TANF Instructor

Chrystal Holland
TANF Literacy Instructor

Arthur Houston
TANF-GED Instructor

Niria Pacheco
Teaching Assistant

Charles Rogers
IT / Network Admin & Instructor

Carolyn Thompson

Kathy Young
Online Instructor

Tom Ziebell
Social Studies


Tiwanda Johnson
Program Manager

Ryan Mukes
Employment Specialist

Aleshia Moore
Case Manager


EOC Cares, A UCO Trio Program
Sheila Murry