OIC classrooms act as a village

The Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) is unlike any other Adult Literacy program in the State of Oklahoma because of our approach to Literacy. Since 1966, OIC has served Oklahoma City.  OIC’s Director of Curriculum, Chris Myers, provides a community-based approach when engaging learners in his classroom. The classroom is like a village where each program participant contributes to the learning outcomes of the whole class.  Students are not pencil-pushers who are glued to a desk–the classroom utilizes teamwork to solve problems.  We are stronger together. 


OIC creates individualized curriculums designed to reach and inspire lifelong learning and a growth mindset. Individual learners are in a constant state of evaluation, not just placement tests at the beginning and ending.  It is an environment of constant coaching.  Learners are encouraged to create benchmarks and achievable goals throughout their program of interest. OIC attempts to challenge students to discover what their next steps are going to be for the next five years.


Students are coached to be active participants in their learning outcomes.  Our unique cognitive growth programs, like Exit to Success and Brain Train Academy, help students to develop a growth versus a fixed learning mindset. Learners identify their learning styles and discover how to grow their brains through classroom participation and real-world applications.

The emersion programming at OIC allows students to embrace all opportunities life gives them to learn. OIC is a knowledge community that stretches beyond the walls of our building. OIC invites community organizations and experts to present information on relevant topics like health, budgeting money, and careers. Also, OIC students step out of the classroom and volunteers in the community.

This giving back keeps their brain sharp and allows them to cultivate new skills.

Director of Curriculum, Chris Myers,  Describes OIC in a short Video

YouTube Video