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Temporary Assistance to Needy Family (TANF) is a program funded by the Department of Human Services and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. For children deprived of support because of a parent's death, incapacity, absence or unemployment, cash assistance is available to the family on a time-limited basis.

The purpose of TANF is to provide temporary support in meeting basic needs, training leading to employment, employment services, and day care assistance for qualified families with children. While receiving cash assistance, the adult recipients are required to work or participate in activities geared toward work and achieving self-sufficiency.

OIC's TANF program provides literacy training for parents or guardians who are working on achieving their GED or improving their employment skills. For further information or enrollment, you must contact the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Phone: 405.521.4391 or 1-866.411.1877
Sequoyah Memorial Office Building
2400 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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