OIC of Oklahoma County

Tutor FAQs

Tutors gather throughout the year to discuss successes, challenges, and share stories of encouragement.

Do I have to be trained to tutor?

Yes, in order to be an OIC tutor, volunteers attend a 9 hour training session. Tutors agree to complete one in-service workshop during the year.

How often does a tutor and adult learner meet?

Tutor and student agree to meet at least an hour per week for a year.  They may meet for longer periods of time or more often.  It depends on everyone’s schedule.

What costs are involved?

Training and materials are provided free of charge to our trained tutors.

Where and when do I meet with my adult learner?

Learners and tutors meet in a public location such as a library or at the OIC office.  We do not go into individual homes to tutor.

When and how do I get the materials?

Materials are provided free of charge and are given to the tutor at the first meeting. As the pair progresses, other materials will be suggested by the Coordinator. A variety of materials and curriculum are available at the OIC office.

How do I know what reading level to start my student?

Students are assessed prior to tutoring and suggested curriculum is supplied during the first meeting.

Can I use my own materials?

Yes, as long as they are appropriate and applicable to your student. Students may bring materials as well.

Do I have to do paperwork?

We require volunteer tutors keep a Volunteer Tutor Log tracking preparation time, travel time, and actual tutoring time. This information helps to keep the literacy program funded.

What kind of support can I expect?

OIC provides you with everything you need to get started. The Coordinator is available to assist you, to answer questions, and to provide materials as you continue your tutoring experience.  Continuing education opportunities are available throughout the year.