OIC In Action

OIC in action, is a program that takes students out of the classroom and into the community. Students learn about resources out there and get to lend a hand in service to our community. By volunteering and giving back students learn new skills that they can include in a personal resume or scholarship application. Maybe most importantly students where able to experience that feel good feeling that volunteering and helping others makes you feel.

Volunteer Coordinator introduces students to Humane Society

Today OIC students and staff volunteered at the Humane Society of Central Oklahoma Adoption Center 

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society is the largest animal-related non-profit in the state of Oklahoma with the goal of eliminating euthanasia in our community. We are an independent 501(c)3 non-profit that receives no government funding or tax dollars. When we began in 2007 only 25% of animals who entered the city shelter were placed in homes, but by 2016 that number had increased to 75%. There is still much work to be done until every pet finds a home and we are working as a community to pave the way for all pets to survive and thrive.

Students were introduced to the volunteer coordinator who shared her story of becoming an employee after volunteering for awhile. Volunteering is a great way to get your foot in the door; you can make friends with people and let them get to know you before applying for a job. Like an unpaid internship it’s a good way to show off your work ethic and learn more about the organization.

The friskey kitten & Instructor Chris

Some of the work we were asked to do included, walking dogs, weaving blankets, cleaning toys and feed bowls, and playing with puppies and kittens. It was so much fun! We fell in love with the animals at the adoption center. Some of us are considering adopting a new family member and or becoming a foster parent to a dog or cat. Volunteering at The Humane Society was a wonderful experience for OIC, and many students intend to bring their families back to volunteer at the shelter again.

Next month OIC in action will be heading to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

student walking a Sweet brindle pit bull