Oklahoma City, OK – The Opportunities Industrialization Center of Oklahoma County, Inc. (OIC), a local non-profit organization, has received the Digital Inclusion Grant Award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

The Digital Inclusion Award will help OIC expand access to digital services for individuals and groups who need to information and communication technologies. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic season presented a great opportunity for all human service organizations. Technology is going to continue to be a part of how we will live, how we function, and how we will continue to deliver a quality service. The Digital Inclusion Grant will help OIC maintain instruction in a blended learning environment with onsite and virtual classes. We are extremely excited and grateful,” says Executive Director, DesJean Jones.

Since 1966, OIC has served more than 41,000 adults in education and training programs in Oklahoma County. The need for OIC programs continues with 95,000 adults in Oklahoma County who do not have a high school diploma. 31% of adults in our state function at basic literacy levels, and 12% function below basic literacy. These statistics result in workers who are unprepared to meet the demands of a changing workforce. OIC programs provide Oklahomans with literacy and education tools that prepare learners to confidently transition to college, career tech, military and the workforce. 

Call OIC-Central at 405.235.2651 to make an appointment or take a tour of our facility. The office is conveniently located at 3033 N. Walnut Ave, Building East.

About OIC

Founded in 1964 by the Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sullivan and established in Oklahoma City by Dr. Charles Atkins in 1966, the OIC of Oklahoma County is an affiliate of OICs of America and OIC International. The organization’s mission is to inspire and motivate adult learners through academic and career education. Classes are designed to prepare adult residents for 360-degree life management–academics, skills training, reading/literacy, and day-to-day living.    

Thank you so much Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries You are greatly appreciated.