OIC Is Still Here!

One year ago, OIC was faced with closing its doors. We were out of money, struggling to breathe, with a committed but small staff of 6 doing the often unappreciated work of changing lives through education and training. One consultant group said, “OIC needs to close the doors, maybe consider consolidating with another nonprofit. You can’t survive.” And they “couldn’t” work with us.

We cut the budget deep to survive for just a little bit longer. We cut even deeper still in our efforts to preserve staff–you can’t SERVE them if you don’t have people. We reached out to our donors, pleading with them to help us survive. Some of you gave…because you believed in OIC…and you understood that the OKC landscape without OIC would be detrimental to the 400,000 adults over 18 in need of a high school diploma…and countless others who feel powerless in their efforts to get ahead.

As 2019 comes in, I wanted to let you know that OIC is still here…and we are thriving! We’ve made some changes, done some liquidating, and expanded programs to reach more lives. Now with a staff of 12, enrollment has increased 243% in one year!

What’s next? We’re moving out of survival mode and repositioning for growth. We have:

Expanded health literacy to include a spin class and nutrition education
Added the new JUMP Academy to serve the immigrant population with training and jobs
Targeted recruitment and development of our Board of Directors
Currently restructuring the business model and strategy
Establishment of the WINGS Society to recruit monthly givers to OIC

Last year, it seemed hope was we all we had–and it was in short supply. BUT WE DID HAVE PRAYER…unending, unyielding, and fervent. We asked for donations, but we also asked for prayer. AND PRAYER WORKS! It’s not a popular business strategy, but it will always be a part of how OIC lives.

It’s Christmas, and we needed to share this testimony! To say THANK YOU. To say YOU’RE FAMILY. And to say you ain’t seen nothing yet! WE–you with us–are about to do something even more incredible in OKC.

Thank you for being a part of the ripple of adult education. Generations will THANK you, too.


From OIC
DesJean Jones, Executive Director