Ms. D’s Class Garden Poetry

Garden Time

By Miranda Breger

Oh, how I love getting dirty

The mud on my hands when I plant

I feel so relaxed when we plant the garden today

How pretty everything is going to be

When yall grow

and then we can eat you for all the nutrients

healthy nourishment you will give us in the end

We love the way you taste

your juiciness

Oh, how everything will be great.

The Garden

By Kaitlyn Sackett

The warm breeze on my face my mind completely lost in space.

I begin my day in my schools garden,

not too long until me and my class are done.

The relaxing feel of mud between my fingers

the sweet smell of the plants lingers.

My morning is less stressful,

and my day seems more successful.

The sound of laughter fills the air,

Our teacher Ms.Blair shares

as we tend to the garden with care.

My Safe Haven

by Katilyn Sackett

Mud on my hands and the sun in my face.

My schools garden is my safe place.

I can’t wait until the plants mature

So I can eat the vegetables that are rich and pure.

I never want to stop for it gives me pleasure

This burning desire that I acquire.