OIC Visits the Downtown Main Library

Written by OIC Computer Student Mohammed Minnis

Instructor – Nannette Allen

On the 8th of June, OIC was invited to the Ronald J. Norrick Metropolitan Library downtown to tour the facility and to see what the latest programs and updates to the library system and what and it will be in the future. Our library system here is something very exciting from what the library director informed us.  It will be amazing. He said that Oklahoma City will be opening a new library in Edmond and another in south Oklahoma City that will have cameras of all kinds and computers, you name it. Our Oklahoma City library is one of the 9th best systems in the United States. It’s really amazing to hear and see the plans that the director of the whole program had to say about and have to offer the public. Here are some of what he said:

  • library cards are free
  • no fee’s for being late with book returns
  • free computer usage at any library
  • to make copies it’s 10 cents for black and white 20 cents for color
  • students in Oklahoma City has an automatic library card number that’s been generated by school student number that follows them throughout being in the school system. Also visit their site at metrolibrary.org

Let’s get back to the first part of going downtown to the library. Make sure you go early so you can find a parking place because it’s hard to find one.  There are no parking meters anymore and there are parking places where you have to use the computer parking meter and your credit / debit card to pay for 1 or 2 hours. When we got there we where we were greeted by the library staff that were very friendly and helpful. I just really thought I was at home.  Everybody there was down to earth which made me field like I could ask any questions. The first part of the program they had a small lunch where they had serve yourself to coffee, water, juice, cheese bites and all kind of finger foods, and donuts.  It was very nice and I just felt at home.  Everybody there looked like they were enjoying as well. I truly recommend attending this gathering.  I wish I could have toured the facility before, even though I had been there with my family before. I needed to really be guided through the facility to truly see what they had to offer.

It’s amazing our Oklahoma City library system is second to none. Also, our library system is funded by Oklahoma taxes which comes out of homeowners taxes which means our system has no blips. This means the system isn’t funded through voting yearly to receive funds the funds are there because homeowners pay yearly. Anyhow, it’s a beautiful facility and it’s our facility. We’re paying good money for it. Please visit your library as much as you can, you’ll find everything you’re looking for, I guarantee you will enjoy it and you’ll want to go back for more with your family and friends. See you there!!!!!

For more information about the Metropolitan Library System, go to https://www.metrolibrary.org/.