OIC Receives Multiple Grant Awards

OIC has been selected as the 2017 recipient of several grant awards including the OU Big Event, Oklahoma Department of Libraries, and the Dollar General Foundation.

The OU BigEvent award will fund supplies for OIC’s Community Garden project.  A component of the OIC Health Literacy Program, the project helps to educate OIC students on the ease of growing a home-based garden, familiarizing students with organic materials and the benefits of a diet which includes fresh vegetables.   Students harvest items to take them home for their families.  Samina Karim, OIC tutor/volunteer has been instrumental in getting the donations and coordinating students who care for the three agency gardens.  “Samina has done a fantastic job of creating our beautiful raised beds,” comments Blair Lanning, Health Literacy Coordinator.

A partner with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, OIC received two equipment grants for the purchase of technology and equipment to increase agency capacity.  Additionally, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation awarded Opportunities Industrialization Center of Oklahoma County, Inc. (OIC) a grant to support a technology-based deployment of its diploma prep program.  This local grant award is part of over $7.1 million in grants awarded to more than 900 schools, nonprofits and organizations across the 43 states that Dollar General serves.

“We are, of course, thrilled to again have the support of Dollar General Literacy Foundation,” beamed DesJean Jones, Executive Director for OIC. “These dollars will go far in supporting adult basic and high school equivalency programs for adults in Oklahoma County. We expect to move the needle and reduce the number of adults without a high school diploma.”

Executive Director Jones further comments “We are excited!  Every grant allows us to continue further serving Oklahoma County residents by supplying services they may be missing.”  OIC specializes in providing education and training programs designed to elevate the adult student, many of whom are heads of household.

OIC offers a variety of programs that serve the Oklahoma City community such as tutoring for individuals reading below 6th grade or those who wish to learn English, high school equivalency prep class, computer skills training, Exit2Success for career exploration and job placement, and Brain Train Academy to sharpen memory and brain.  “Our adult learners are working to move forward and overcome obstacles in their path.  It is an honor and privilege to work with these individuals,” states Jones.