OIC Flex Program

Young Adult Diversion Program

Summary of Program.

The OIC FLEX Program seeks to target young adults ages 16 to 25 years old
who have been charged with nonviolent felony gun offenses in Oklahoma County. OIC FLEX will
provide career exploration, job readiness training and placement, educational programming,
small group counseling, and life coaching/adulting classes. The objective is to assist young adults
to course-correct behaviors which have led to justice involvement and provide them with
comprehensive programming and support. This initiative aims to divert young individuals away
from a cycle of violence and incarceration by providing alternative pathways towards personal
growth, skill development, and community integration. This initiative aligns with OIC’s
commitment to breaking the cycle of gun violence, offering a chance at rehabilitation and a
brighter future for young adults with early involvement in the criminal justice system.


Eligibility and Exclusions.


Eligible participants must meet the following criteria:

• Young Adults ages 16 to 25 years old charged with non-violent felony gun offenses ;
• Offender charges must be in Oklahoma County;
• Participants ages 16 to 17 years old will be restricted to an 11:00pm curfew except in cases of
work, church or school sporting events
• Participants must be willing to participate in the program for its duration and will be expected to
execute a contractual agreement.

Participants will be deemed ineligible for the program if the following conditions occur:

• Domestic violence is involved in the offense;
• Felony gun charge involves a victim or is in the commission of another felony;
• Violence occurs or is referenced in the charges;
• A history of violent convictions.


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