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St. David’s Day

March 1, 2021 All day

There’s nothing more Welsh than St. David’s Day, the feast and celebration that falls on March 1 and commemorates the patron saint of Wales, Saint David — the greatest figure in the 6th century, Welsh Age of Saints, founder of scores of religious communities, and the only native-born patron saint of the countries of Britain and Ireland. St. David, a famous teacher and the founder of what is today St. David’s Cathedral, was famed for his pious austerity, his commitment to eschew sensual pleasures in favor of spiritual enlightenment, and his ability to perform miracles. Because of his life and works, St David’s Day is widely popular amongst the Welsh. Today, the holiday is as much a celebration of Wales as it is of her patron saint. Children participate in recitation and singing, parades line the streets, the flag of Saint David is raised, and some girls wear traditional Welsh clothing.